What Type Of Cannabis Consumer Am I?

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Every person is looking to use cannabis for a different reason. Since 2014, Illinois patients have relied on medical cannabis as a means of treating their diagnosed condition. The fact of the matter is patients are seeking out other desirable attributes when it comes to their experience with cannabis as well. Our budtenders look to uncover those through one-on-one consultations with patients and now, our recreational patrons 21 years of age and older. Herbal Remedies Dispensary has chosen to evolve the way in which we approach an individual’s health and wellness. Our team has developed a simple, comprehensive system for our budtenders to assess and recommend a cannabis product to fit one’s lifestyle and desired result. 

If youre a newcomer to our adult use dispensary, there is a likelihood that you will be asked a variation of this question by one of our dispensary technicians, “What experience are you looking for?” This all-encompassing question is designed for us to get a better feel for what you want to use cannabis for. Based on how one answers that question, an individual can fall into one or more of the buckets below: 

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Are you an artist looking to create your next meaningful masterpiece? Need a creative awakening of another kind? If so, evidence has shown that cannabis can help you get the boost of inspiration needed to foster new thoughts, concepts and ideas.

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Are chores at home piling up and you need the stamina to cross things off your to-do list? Crush fatigue and discover that burst of motivation to keep an active lifestyle, courtesy of cannabis.

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Struggling to purge the day’s anxieties and elevate your mood? Cannabis offers a medium in which to clear your mind, release any negative thoughts and forge a new outlook on life.

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Is your job incredibly physically and mentally demanding? Unwind from the stresses of life and enter a state of comfort and calmness with assistance from cannabis.

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Do you have an impending deadline that needs to be met? A project that requires your fullest attention? Cannabis can help maintain the concentration required for being productive in any task set before you.

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Many individuals look to cannabis for healthcare reasons, despite opting out of getting a medical card. Through cannabis, find a place of healing from the acute and chronic medical issues that plague your body.

Do a self-assessment of these attributes and determine what you hope to achieve from using cannabis. Tell our dispensary technicians these goals and what your preferred method of consuming isIn the end, there’s a strain for that. Our budtenders will evaluate our current product offering and recommend a product tailored to your scenario.  

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