Transfer to our dispensary

Transfer to our dispensary

Illinois Medical Cannabis Patients

Change-of-dispensary Instructions

Medical Cannabis Patient Program

  • Log in to your IDPH account
  • Click Online Services (upper right corner)
  • Select Change Dispensary (your current dispensary will be displayed)
  • Select your new dispensary
Anyone with provisional access will need to print another letter showing the new dispensary. Patients who have never set up an online registration will need to set up an account to be able to switch dispensaries. Once that is done, a dispensary change can be submitted as above. 

Opioid Alternative Program

  • Log in to your account
  • Your current dispensary is listed in Patient Information on the Patient Registration page
  • Click on the arrow in the dropdown box to see an alphabetical list of all dispensaries
  • Select a dispensary and click Save

Illinois medical cannabis patients can only be registered with one dispensary at any given time. New patients choose their dispensary during the medical cannabis card application process. Existing patients wishing to change their dispensary are able to do so themselves online. Dispensaries are no longer able to facilitate change-of-dispensaries on the behalf of patients. 

By entering this website, you acknowledge that you're 21+ years of age or have an Illinois medical cannabis card.