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Illinois Medical Cannabis Programs

Since its inception, Herbal Remedies has been approached by countless individuals inquiring about medical cannabis as a means of treating their ailments. Some common questions we hear are “Do I have a qualifying medical condition?”, “How do I get my medical cannabis card?” and “Am I able to use cannabis instead of prescription opioids?” Illinois offers the Medical Cannabis Patient Program and the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program as avenues in which people can get access to medical cannabis; that is, assuming the individual is both qualified and has completed the necessary application to become a registered patient.

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Medical Cannabis Patient Program

Easily the most popular option of obtaining medical cannabis is through the Medical Cannabis Patient Program (MCPP). Illinois currently recognizes a multitude of acute and chronic health conditions that qualify an individual to participate in the program. The process all starts with a conversation with a healthcare professional as they confirm your condition and certify your eligibility for medical cannabis. Every step along the way can be referenced on our website.

Opioid Alternative Pilot Program

On January 31st, 2019, the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program (OAPP) was officially launched as a means of combatting the opioid overdose epidemic that has gripped the nation for years and continues to do so. Opioids are often prescribed for pain management by physicians and having a safer alternative for medicine is so important. Medical cannabis is a solution that consumers should consider in lieu of easily addictive and potentially dangerous opioids.

Qualifying conditions For Medical Cannabis
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Medical Cannabis Patients With Herbal Remedies
ounces of cannabis during any 14 day period

Medical Cannabis Card Application Assistance

The entire process can be completed online on your own, but our staff would be happy to assist you with submission of your application here at the dispensary. Just give us a call at (217) 214- 6337 to arrange an appointment. Before applying or arranging an appointment with us, it’s good practice to double check that all required documents are accounted for. This will ensure timely processing of the application and avoid the need to come back for repeat visits.

First Visit Patient Consultations

Whether you are a new medical cannabis patient or transferring to us from another dispensary, we advise that you make an appointment in advance for your first visit. This appointment is used to complete patient intake paperwork and have genuine conversation about being a responsible medical cannabis patient. Our budtenders will take this session to evaluate the products and dosage that is appropriate for you and make the ideal recommendation.

Patient Purchase & Possession Limits

An Illinois medical patient can possess a max of 2.5 ounces (or 70.87 grams) of cannabis at a given time. This is also the max amount that can be purchased during a rolling 14-day period of time. For example, if you purchase an 1/8 oz. (or 3.5 grams) of cannabis flower one day, it would be added back to your limit 14 days later. When purchasing concentrates, edibles or other cannabis products that are not flower, the pre-weight of the flower used to make the product is added towards the purchase limit.

Patient Home Growing

Beginning January 1st, 2020, Illinois medical cannabis patients are allowed to grow up to five plants per household. If a household happens to have two or more patients living there, the residence is still only permitted to have five plants at any given time. Seeds must be purchased from licensed medical dispensaries. Recreational consumers are not legally allowed to grow their own plants.

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