5 Great Illinois Cannabis Products for Meditation

great illinois cannabis products for meditation

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Let’s get real. Modern society is taxing on our well-being, and we could all benefit from a bit of meditation. Our jobs and family life may be demanding, our minds cluttered, and our emotions pushed to their limits. But, what is meditation exactly?

In layman’s terms, meditation consists of practicing mental and physical techniques that reduce stress, increase calmness, and promote happiness. A cerebral exercise may be quiet, reflective moments, while a bodily exercise may be deep, mindful breathing. So many methods exist that lend themselves to an improved state beyond unrolling that rubber mat and striking a downward dog pose.

Have you ever felt any of the following?

  • Overworked
  • Tense
  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Inattentive
  • Moody

Combatting these negative occurrences and finding zen is easier said than done but still attainable. Cannabis can be a fantastic supplement to meditation practices in many ways.

The combination of cannabis and meditation is nothing new, as practitioners of various religions have utilized the two in spiritual rituals, enlightenment, and healing for centuries.

Here are five Illinois cannabis products or strains shown to be great for assisting meditation:

Aeriz Jenny Kush

Having secured a third-place ranking in the 2021 High Times Illinois Cannabis Cup for best hybrid flower, this fruity and herbal strain from the aeroponic cultivator is suitable for any time of day. Consumers report it being excellent for elevating mood and mental stimulation yet providing a subtle, soothing relaxation. 

Nature's Grace & Wellness Key Lime Crunch Bar

A wonderful balance of robust lime flavor, creamy white chocolate, and graham cracker pieces unite in this pie-inspired 100mg edible perforated into ten pieces of 10mg each. Our staff and reviews applauded its encouragement of bliss, relaxation, and easing of mind.

Revolution Granddaddy Purple

With an exciting unity of berry, grape, and herbal flavors, this indica strain is notorious for delivering profound cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. Evidence suggests this child of the Purple Urkle and Big Bud strains effectively alleviates pain, stress, and depression too. 

Rythm Orange Herijuana

This CBD-rich hybrid crosses the strains Orange Creamsicle and Herijuana to deliver a balanced blend of earthy, citrus, and diesel notes. While most consumers have reported feelings of joy and serenity, it has also been quite popular as a pain reliever and sleep aide.

Verano Cherry Gorilla

This child of the Black Cherry Pie and Gorilla Glue #4 strains exhibits a pleasant fruit, herbal, and petrol essence when enjoyed. Feedback of this any-time-of-day hybrid suggests it is phenomenal for calming body and mind, encouraging optimism, and promoting deep reflection.

Honorable Mentions

  • Encore Mints (green tea & wintermint varieties)
  • Grassroots MAC
  • NuEra Blue Dream
  • PTS The Great Ha-Tuh
  • Verano Gelato

Any Illinois cannabis products mentioned in this article are subject to availability at our dispensary. If unavailable, consider asking a budtender what alternative products might have a similar cannabinoid and terpene profile. This list is an unbiased culmination of the personal experiences of Herbal Remedies budtenders, their research, and consumer feedback.

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