Herbal Remedies Switching To I Heart Jane Online Menus

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Herbal Remedies will migrate from our existing provider’s online menu services to the I Heart Jane platform on April 5th, 2021. See the FAQ section below for information about how this will impact customers. I Heart Jane is among the leading cannabis eCommerce platforms utilized by dispensaries and cultivators in the nation. This exciting change offers many great new benefits to our patients and adult purchasers when placing online orders for cannabis products, including:

  • A beautiful, more streamlined online ordering interface
  • Verified customer product reviews
  • Product sale price vs. retail price comparison
  • Enhanced sale/special features (i.e. bundling, BOGO, mix & match)
  • Google sign-in online ordering capability
  • Consistent product imagery & descriptions
  • THC/CBD potency slider filtering
  • Promo code input (at online ordering checkout)
  • Other features to be announced later!

Don’t worry! Many of the fantastic features you’ve come to love about our existing online menu services will remain the same, including:

  • Product search filtering by category, strain type, or brand
  • Online order confirmation & ready-for-pickup text message alerts
  • Easy-to-find the latest sales & specials
  • Continuation of the Best Budzz Rewards loyalty program
  • Seamless toggling between various location’s online menus


No. All individuals will be required to create a new online ordering account starting April 5th, 2021. Your old login credentials will not transition over with the switch to I Heart Jane.

Visit herbalremediesil.com/menu (accessible beginning April 5th, 2021) and select the Herbal Remedies location you wish to create an account. When that location’s online menu has populated, click Log In. Click the New Customer tab, input your email address, mobile phone number and create a password to enroll successfully. You can even register using your Google account if you like. After signup, you can now place your online order accordingly.

No. Those login credentials you created grant you instant access to the online menus of all Herbal Remedies locations simultaneously. There’s no need to create a separate online ordering account for each location’s online menu.

Yes. All Best Budzz Rewards loyalty points accrued on purchases will not be lost and will appear on your online ordering account despite the switch to I Heart Jane.

I Heart Jane online menus are already in use by a large fraction of dispensaries across the country and here in Illinois. Many requested features of our customers spearheaded the switch to this incredibly versatile and much-needed platform.

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