Herbal Remedies To Open Second Adult Use Location

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In driving near 18th and Broadway, you may have noticed the recent installation of a sign bearing the Herbal Remedies name at the site of the former Daylight Donuts building in Quincy, Illinois. We are excited to announce that this will be the future home of our second adult use (or recreational) dispensary. The 1837 Broadway facility is currently under construction. While the opening date has yet to be determined, we are aiming to open later this summer. Follow our website blog, Facebook page or subscribe to our email newsletter for official announcements and updates.  

How will this location be different than the current location? Our existing 4440 Broadway location was licensed as one of the state’s original medical dispensaries. When adult use cannabis legalization was later passed, existing medical dispensaries had the opportunity to apply to become dual-site dispensaries. Through this application approval, our existing dispensary was authorized to lawfully serve both Illinois medical cannabis patients and adult patrons 21 years of age and older under one roof starting January 1st, 2020.

As the 4440 Broadway location is a dual-site dispensary, our registered patients can lawfully make medical and adult use purchases at the significantly lower medical tax rate. Be aware that purchases of medical products must take place during normal medical dispensary business hours despite our adult use dispensary having extended hours. 

Regarding our second site, the state opted to not issue additional medical dispensary licenses for 2020. Because the upcoming 1837 Broadway location is exclusively an adult use dispensary, we decided to address some of the frequently asked questions among our patients and recreational patrons regarding it.  

Medical Patients FAQs

No. This new location will be a recreational (or adult use) dispensary only and will not have a separate medical menu of its own.

No, but you are more than welcome to shop the adult use dispensary nonetheless. As mandated at all Illinois adult use dispensaries, you will be subject to the adult use tax rates despite your medical cardholder status. See our Adult Use page to learn more.

No. However, we cannot stress enough that you remain within your possession limit of 2.5 ounces (or 70.87 grams) of cannabis products to remain legal.

Adult Use Patrons FAQs

Both the 4440 and 1837 Broadway locations will have separate online menus and inventory. When the 1837 Broadway launches, it is imperative that you select and place an online order with your preferred location. For example, you cannot place an order from one location’s online menu and pick it up from the other location. 

Yes. We understand that one location may have other cannabis products that you’re interested in purchasing. Feel free to make purchases from both locations but be mindful to adhere to adult use possession limits.

No. Despite the 1837 Broadway building having had a drive-thru window in the past, Illinois cannabis law forbids the use of drive-thru windows at this time. However, legislation is currently under consideration to change this.

We are currently in the process of hiring dispensary technicians for both our current and new location and invite interested individuals to apply online. Visit our Job Opportunities page to view a complete job description. Submission of a resume and cover letter is required. 

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