Herbal Remedies Online Menus to Display Tax-Inclusive Pricing

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You asked, and we listened. To coincide with the April 5th launch of our I Heart Jane online menus, we are excited to announce that we will display tax-inclusive product pricing as well. No more guesswork or surprises at checkout. You’ll know exactly how much money to bring along or withdraw from our ATMs upfront to make your cannabis purchase.

We want to assure our customers that our pricing has not increased and that this new measure is here to make their cannabis shopping experience more convenient and straightforward. Our pricing has and always will remain competitive with that of other Illinois dispensary brands. We are proud to be the first dispensaries in Quincy and among the first few in Illinois to have taken this heavily requested step.

This change will have the most impact on recreational/adult-use customers who pay state and local taxes ranging from 24-39% on cannabis purchases. Here’s a breakdown of how Illinois taxes adult-use cannabis:

  • 10% tax on products with 35% THC or less (flower, prerolls)
  • 20% tax on cannabis-infused products (edibles, cartridges, disposable pens, topicals, tinctures)
  • 25% tax on products with 35% THC or more (flower, prerolls, most concentrates)
  • 14% in additional state, city, and county taxes

Illinois medical cannabis cardholders registered with our 4440 Broadway medical dispensary will be affected minimally by this change as they pay a 1% pharmaceutical tax on all cannabis purchases. These individuals can continue to purchase products at the 4440 Broadway adult-use dispensary at the aforementioned medical tax rate as well. The adult-use items will have the appropriate tax applied at checkout.

All purchases, regardless of medical cardholder status, are subject to adult-use tax rates at our 1837 Broadway location. However, don’t forget that any Illinois or out-of-state medical cardholder receives a 10% off discount on cannabis purchases at this location. Out-of-state medical cardholders can receive this discount at our 4440 Broadway adult-use dispensary. Illinois medical cardholders don’t receive the discount at our 4440 Broadway location as they receive cannabis products at their medical tax rate.

We encourage any Illinois residents that purchase adult-use cannabis products to consider becoming a medical cardholder, should they have a qualifying condition. Visit this page to find out how to get started.

If you’ve ever visited an Herbal Remedies location, our in-store digital menus have shown tax-inclusive pricing on cannabis products for quite some time. We’re confident that extending this to our online menus will prove popular with our customers and improve their overall experience with our dispensaries in the future.

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