Cannabis Resources for Healthcare Professionals

The Role of Medical Cannabis

Although cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for 5,000 years and was even included in the American pharmaceuticals until 1942, we understand that cannabis’ incorporation into western medicine in this century presents a lot of questions and concern in the medical community. 

Everyone agrees that more research and federally sanctioned clinical trials in the U.S. are necessary for the appropriate progression of medical cannabis in this country. The good news is that today, there is more public and political support for the progression and legitimization of medical cannabis than there ever has been. 

Advancements in this area are not limited to the United States, there have been clinical studies and trials taking place in countries like Israel, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom for decades and the numbers continue to grow every day.

1916 cannabis tincture prescription
1916 Cannabis Tincture Prescription - Instructions state to place 5 drops in a 1/2 glass of orange juice every hour
doctor and patient

Certifying Patients for Medical Cannabis

The first step that any prospective patient must do is have their qualifying health condition confirmed or certified by a healthcare professional. Certification consists of proper completion and signing of the Healthcare Professional Written Certification FormA common misconception is that patients are being “prescribed” medical cannabis and that is not the case. Instead, a patient will work closely with a dispensary technician to determine their appropriate method of medicating and dosage. Our general rule of thumb is that a patient starts at a lower dosage and adjust intake gradually to find the best fit for them.