Dispensary Gift Certificates

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Give the gift of health and wellness to the people you love and care about and who are currently participating in Illinois’ medical cannabis program or are an adult 21 years of age or older with a gift certificate from Herbal Remedies Dispensary.

Under current regulations, patients are burdened with paying 100% out-of-pocket the cost of their medical cannabis and medical delivery systems.  Many patients, including your loved one, are uninsured and may not have the means to stay on top of their healthcare needs.  The gift of health and wellness is probably the best gift anyone could ever receive.

An Herbal Remedies gift certificate allows the recipient to purchase what they want when they need it. Recipients can use their gift certificate towards the purchase of cannabis products only. Unfortunately, accessories cannot be purchased using gift certificates.

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Please note that a small surcharge is applied to purchases of online gift certificates.