Speak Up For Federal Cannabis Legalization

cannabis in common

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In a country with so much divisiveness, there’s one thing that most Americans overwhelmingly support. That thing is cannabis. Check out some of these surprising facts:

  • 69% of Americans support adult use or recreational legalization
  • 91% of Americans support medical legalization
  • Voters in blue, red, and purple states voted to legalize in 2020
  • Thirty-seven states have legalized cannabis in some form

This data comes from Headcount, a non-partisan organization dedicated to using music’s power to register voters and promote participation in democracy. They commit to reaching young people and music fans via concerts and online platforms to inform and empower. Their Cannabis Voter Project is designed explicitly towards cannabis policy reform.

These organizations have partnered with the U.S. Cannabis Council, a collective of organizations, businesses, and individuals with a common goal of legalizing cannabis nationally. Although not backing any particular piece of federal legislation, Herbal Remedies stands alongside these folks in an initiative known as Cannabis In Common.

Cannabis In Common brings supporters of cannabis legalization together under a unified campaign to remind our elected officials that cannabis legalization is incredibly popular with their constituents. Their website streamlines the process, allowing voters to send an automated email or phone voicemail message to the U.S. senators representing their state in less than a minute. Beyond federal legalization, Cannabis In Common is committed to other cannabis policy reforms, including expungement, social equity, sustainability, and banking.

While the U.S. Senate is more cannabis-friendly than ever before, it’s not enough. Many politicians have not expressed their opinions on legalization, and legislation is considered more now than ever before. We hope you make your voice heard by visiting cannabisincommon.org and completing the quick step-by-step instructions.

In the video below, Aaron from Herbal Remedies breaks down a few reasons why federal cannabis legalization is a must.

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