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Best Budzz Rewards

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You’re invited to join Best Budzz Rewards, a FREE tier-based loyalty program from Herbal Remedies Dispensaries. The more points that are accrued, the greater the monetary discount off your next cannabis purchase. Illinois medical cannabis cardholders registered with Herbal Remedies Dispensaries are auto-enrolled into Best Budzz Rewards, therefore it isn’t necessary for these individuals to sign up.

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Illinois Medical Patients

500 points

$20 Off Cannabis

1,000 points

$50 Off Cannabis

2,000 points

$120 Off Cannabis

Recreational/Adults 21+

750 points

$20 Off Cannabis

1,500 points

$50 Off Cannabis

3,000 points

$120 Off Cannabis

Best Budzz Rewards FAQs

How are points earned?

For every $1 spent post-tax, customers receive 1 point. Periodically, there may be opportunities to multiply points on every dollar spent.

Do my points expire?

No. We firmly believe you have earned and deserve to keep any accrued points.

How do I check my points?

If you have an online ordering account, log in and view the available loyalty points or “store rewards” anytime on the “Cart” page. An item must have been added to your cart for this feature to be visible. You can ask a dispensary tech in-store for your point balance as well.

How do I sign up?

Visit our website or chat with a dispensary technician and they’d be happy to help you enroll. A full name and valid phone number is required for sign-up and point accrual.

Can I redeem rewards the same day they're earned?

No. Loyalty points may take up to 24 hours to display on one’s loyalty program account. Therefore, rewards cannot be redeemed in the same day in which they were earned.

Can points be redeemed at any location?

No. Points can only be redeemed at the location they were earned.

Terms & Conditions: Herbal Remedies Dispensaries reserves the right to modify or discontinue this tier-based loyalty program without notice. Monetary discounts can be applied toward cannabis purchases only. A single reward can be redeemed in a given day. Rewards must be redeemed for their full amount. Points may not be redeemed in combination with any other offer.  Customers accrue one loyalty point for every $1 spent post-taxed on cannabis purchases. Non-cannabis purchases cannot be applied towards one’s point accrual. There is no limit on the points that can be accrued and they do not expire. Each Herbal Remedies Dispensaries location has its own loyalty program and separate point accrual. Points cannot be combined or transferred between locations. An online ordering account is not necessary to participate. Customers must provide a name and valid phone number to join this program. Other exclusions may apply. See the dispensary for more details.


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