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According to a 2018 study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, it is suggested that 1 in 4 Americans suffer from insomnia to some degree. Insomnia is defined as an inability to get to sleep, stay asleep or return to a state of rest when awoken. Accomplishing a refreshing and restorative sleep is a pivotal factor in our health and wellness. Improper sleep affects our energy, mood and ability to carry out day-to-day functions. A number of factors can be the root of insomnia including but not limited to: 

  • Stress 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Pain 

Realistically, a cannabis or hemp-derived product cannot assist with other insomnia causes like irregular sleep times or improper sleeping conditions. Significant sleep correction will require lifestyle and environmental changes. With the recommended amount of sleep for adults being 7-8 hours, make sure to block off that duration during the same timeframe every night (for example: 10:00 pm-6:00 am) for best results.  

Furthermore, it may benefit you to invest in sufficient bedding or adjust your thermostat to a more comfortable temperature. Some research has shown that sleeping in a cooler room yields a higher quality of sleep. If apnea or breathing problems lead to your insomnia, consult with your doctor and avoid any cannabis or hemp products that require inhalation. 

Pinpointing the reason for your insomnia may not be as apparent. The hard truth is it may be difficult to determine exactly what is negatively impacting your sleep. The use of cannabis is often sought after to help with causing factors but attacking insomnia directly is feasible. Enter the lesser-known CBN (or cannabinol), a sister cannabinoid to the psychoactive THC and therapeutic CBD.  

The most noteworthy characteristic of CBN is that it is known as the cannabinoid for sleep. Like THC and CBD, it can help relieve pain as well. Although there are cannabis products available at dispensaries with CBN, products with the cannabinoid can also be purchased over-the-counter at many hemp CBD stores like Evergreen Wellness. Looking for a better night’s rest? Check out some of these products from Evergreen Wellness that are CBN-rich that may help with sleep:

View these and other hemp-derived products at You can even purchase items online and have them shipped to you. The CBN products mentioned above were available for purchase at Evergreen Wellness at the publishing of this blog post. If any of these items are out-of-stock that you wish to purchase, please give Evergreen Wellness a call at 217-214-3223. A representative at the store may be able to reorder the item or recommend a suitable alternative.

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