6 Ways Shopping Small Business Dispensaries Benefits You

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Although fairly uncommon among Illinois dispensaries, Herbal Remedies is and has always been an independently owned small business. It began as a partnership between general contractor Bob Lansing and corporate human resources professional Christine WildrickThe two applied their resourcesskillsets and entrepreneurial spirits to open the Quincy, Illinois based dispensary in 2015. Even today, Lansing and Wildrick play critical roles in the day-to-day operations of the business. 

For a moment, imagine your neighborhood without your favorite mom-and-pop retail store, hair salon, coffee shop, restaurant or mechanic. Small businesses, defined as those with fewer than 500 employees, have always brought a unique charm and character to the communities they reside in. That being said, what exactly are the benefits of shopping small business dispensaries? Here are some reasons that you may or may not have thought of: 

Better customer service

We’ve all been to a big box store and needed help but an associate is nowhere to be found. Quite often, that isn’t the case with small businesses that thrive on customer interactions for their successAt Herbal Remedies, one thing you‘ll notice is that you’re always greeted by one of our staff members when you step into our dispensary. They’re not there just to say hello. They genuinely want to help you find a cannabis product that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle.

Supports the community

Spending your dollars with a local, small business often has a positive ripple effect on the local economy. Small businesses often turn to other small businesses in their community for the materials and services they need to operateFor example, Herbal Remedies relies heavily on local providers like Adams for phone and internet services and ASI for security information technology monitoring and management.

Creates local jobs

When a small business succeeds, the need to hire additional staff is expected. In fact, Herbal Remedies has created nearly 40 new, local jobs between November 2019 and today as a result of growth leading up to and following adult use legalizationAccording to a 2017 report from the U.S. Small Business Administrationit’s estimated that about two out of every three new jobs are created by small businesses. With small businesses, these jobs could go to your friends, family or neighbors as opposed to an individual that doesn’t reside in your community.

Competitive pricing

In order to get your business, small businesses are more likely to offer prices at or below that of the big box stores. And when the small business is a bit more costly, be mindful that about $68 of every $100 spent at a local independent store is reinvested in your community versus $43 with a larger retailer.

Diverse product offering

Some small businesses may carry the brands you know and love in addition to others you won’t find anywhere elseFor instance, you should check out our selection of dab strawspipes and even jewelry handcrafted by local artist Chris Bricker of Headchange Glassworks. These unique products are exclusively sold at Herbal Remedies Dispensaries.

Receptive to feedback

Small businesses really care about what you think and take it to heart, whether you tell them in person or in an online review. Because theyre not bound by corporate oversight or board approval, small businesses have the flexibility to evolve their offerings and customer service for the better.

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