Before starting the application process, we encourage all potential patients to research medical cannabis and how it can be used to treat the symptoms of their qualifying condition.

Medical cannabis is not a cure-all and it is not for everyone, but it does have a very positive impact for patients across the globe.

Qualifying Condition(s)

If you have a qualifying condition but are uncertain as to whether cannabis is the right medicine for you, please set up a consultation with us, and your physician, to discuss how cannabis is a safe and viable option for you.

We encourage all potential patients to meet with their physician to discuss the use of medical cannabis for the treatment of their qualifying condition(s).

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Application process

This is an important first step in the application process. Your doctor must complete and mail (or e-mail) the certification form to the Illinois Department of Public Health within 90 days of submitting your application to the Department. Medical Cannabis cards are valid for various years (depending on conditions/submission).

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