Concentrates, Oils, and Tinctures

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Oils, Concentrates, and Tinctures

By extracting the cannabinoid containing essential oils from the raw plant matter we can create different cannabis oils and concentrates.  These oils are much more concentrated in cannabis content than the raw flower and contain only the medicinal properties of the plant; concentrates should not contain any plant material. These oils come in many different consistencies.  Some are thick and sticky like molasses or honey, others can be waxy or crumbly and some can even be in a stable form and look like amber glass.

Regardless of the form and consistency, these oils provide patients with a potent, and very clean and refined form of cannabis.  Cannabis concentrates differ from dried marijuana buds, stems and leaves in that it has a much higher concentration of THC. Due to the high potency, patients will often combine a small amount of concentrate/hash with a less potent form of cannabis to create a strong and immediate effect, offering pain relief in minutes.

OILS, CONCENTRATES AND TINCTURESThese oils and concentrates can sometimes be used topically and will provide a more concentrated dose of cannabinoids than lotions or patches and have shown to be effective in reducing tumor size.  These oils can also be vaporized and inhaled to provide a very potent dose of cannabinoids when patients need immediate relief; or they can be placed into capsules and taken just like a Tylenol.

Additionally these oils can be mixed with a hemp seed oil, vegetable glycerin or alcohol base to create a cannabis tincture.  Tincture is designed specifically for oral consumption and is not to be smoked or vaporized. Tincture is stored in a dropper bottle and allows patients an easy to dose form of cannabis.  A few drops can be placed under the tongue and absorbed sublingually or placed into water, juice or milk and drank. Cannabis oils and tinctures are probably the most versatile form of cannabis offered and is a preferred method by many patients.