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Inhalation (Smoking)

Smoking is probably the first thing that comes to mind when people think about cannabis. We do not recommend smoking as we see the inhalation of a combusted material to be counterproductive towards wellness. Granted, smoking cannabis has shown to be much safer than tobacco smoke, inhaling burnt plant matter is not the healthiest or most efficient way to medicate.  That being said, inhalation is an excellent form of medicating because it can alleviate symptoms almost immediately. When you inhale cannabis, the majority of cannabinoids enter the body through the lungs where they are passed directly into your blood stream.

Due to this direct exchange, consuming cannabis via inhalation has the shortest time of effect of all routes of entry. People who consume cannabis via inhalation have reported feeling the effects of the medication within minutes, with peak effects around the hour mark and total duration of effects of around two hours. However, it is important to note that there can be significant variation in these times due to factors such as cannabinoid content, depth and length of inhalation (a.k.a. smoking style), and previous cannabis exposure (tolerance).


If patients prefer to inhale their medicine we recommend the use of a vaporizer. Vaporizers work by heating up cannabis to the point where certain cannabinoids are released from the raw plant matter and create a clean and flavorful medicated vapor that can be inhaled just like smoke but without the negative effects of combusting.

Cannabis vapor is very smooth and flavorful. There is no harshness felt in the lungs or throat that is commonly associated with smoking.  When you light a joint, the smoke is a mix of cannabinoids and a number of somewhat toxic combustion by-products and hydrocarbons. In fact, analysis has shown that joint smoke only contains just over 10% cannabinoids; the rest consists of combustion byproducts. In contrast, vaporizers can produce clouds of vapor that contain up to 95% cannabinoids. Vaporizers are much more efficient than smoking and allow patients to consume less raw cannabis while still achieving their desired effects.